Australian Premier League 02 (APL02)

The second edition of the Australian Premier League (APL02) was held in 2014, and continued to grow on the foundations set by the first running of the event the previous year.

The original APL broke a number of boundaries in the sport, and the second edition added two new franchises from the Gold Coast and Murray. APL02 was broadcast live on Fox Sports for four consecutive evenings and produced some of the most exciting bowls in recent times.

APL02 also saw the appearance of arguably the best player in the world, Scotland’s Alex Marshall, who put on a show throughout the event!

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APL02 - New Zealand Blackjacks vs Sydney Lions (Sectional - Match 1)

APL02 - Brisbane Gold vs Murray Steamers (Sectional - Match 2)

APL02 - Adelaide Endurance vs Gold Coast Hawks (Sectional - Match 3)

APL02 - Perth Suns vs Melbourne Roys (Sectional - Match 4)

APL02 - Melbourne Roys vs New Zealand Blackjacks (Sectional - Match 5)

APL02 - Sydney Lions vs Adelaide Endurance (Sectional - Match 6)

APL02 - Gold Coast Hawks vs Brisbane Gold (Sectional - Match 7)

APL02 - Perth Suns vs Murray Steamers (Sectional - Match 8)

APL02 - Gold Coast Hawks vs New Zealand Blackjacks (Sectional - Match 9)

APL02 - Murray Steamers vs Melbourne Roys (Sectional - Match 10)

APL02 - Adelaide Endurance vs Perth Suns (Sectional - Match 11)

APL02 - Brisbane Gold vs Sydney Lions (Sectional - Match 12)

APL02 - New Zealand Blackjacks vs Adelaide Endurance (Semi Final - Match 13)

APL02 - Murray Steamers vs Perth Suns (Semi Final - Match 14)

APL02 - Adelaide Endurance vs Murray Steamers (Final - Match 15)