Bowls Premier League 04 (BPL04)

After three years as the Australian Premier League, the Bowls Premier League underwent re-branding to signify the expansion of the event into New Zealand, after the announcement that BPL05 would be held in Auckland, New Zealand.

With the return of 8 franchises, over 20 hours of live bowls were broadcast on Fox Sports, and the crowning of a new champion after an electric final.

BPL04 also marked another milestone for the sport, with each team containing a female for the first time in the competition’s history.

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BPL04 - Gold Coast Hawks vs New Zealand Blackjacks (Sectional - Match 1)

BPL04 - Adelaide Endurance vs Murray Steamers (Sectional - Match 2)

BPL04 - Melbourne Roys vs Sydney Lions (Sectional - Match 3)

BPL04 - Perth Suns vs Brisbane Pirates (Sectional - Match 4)

BPL04 - Melbourne Roys vs Murray Steamers (Sectional - Match 5)

BPL04 - New Zealand Blackjacks vs Sydney Lions (Sectional - Match 6)

BPL04 - Brisbane Pirates vs Gold Coast Hawks (Sectional - Match 7)

BPL04 - Adelaide Endurance vs Perth Suns (Sectional - Match 8)

BPL04 - Adelaide Endurance vs New Zealand Blackjacks (Sectional - Match 9)

BPL04 - Gold Coast Hawks vs Melbourne Roys (Sectional - Match 10)

BPL04 - Perth Suns vs Sydney Lions (Sectional - Match 11)

BPL04 - Murray Steamers vs Brisbane Pirates (Sectional - Match 12)

BPL04 - Melbourne Roys vs Adelaide Endurance (Elimination Final - Match 13)

BPL04 - Sydney Lions vs Murray Steamers (Semi Final - Match 14)

BPL04 - Adelaide Endurance vs Sydney Lions (Preliminary Final - Match 15)

BPL04 - Murray Steamers vs Sydney Lions (Final - Match 16)